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Apisith John Sutham Counsel
Bhornbhatr SrinopnikomBanking and FinanceAssociate
Chusak SuwanpuchaiCorporate and commercial, Real estate and constructionOf Counsel
Jedsarit SahussarungsiDispute resolutionSenior Associate
Nantinee SunthonpimolDispute resolutionSenior Associate
Natthanun SuksomboonDebt and Equity Capital MarketsAssociate
Passawish SapklinDispute resolutionAssociate
Pimkwan SubprasertBanking and FinanceAssociate
Pralakorn SiwawejDispute resolutionSenior Associate
Pratumporn SomboonpoonpolCorporate and commercialSenior Associate
Rak-ake SiribhadraCorporate and commercialAssociate
Soranat SinhirunviwatMergers & AcquisitionsSenior Associate
Taksatarn SukpaladisaiCorporate and commercialAssociate
Veerakorn SamranwethDebt and Equity Capital MarketsAssociate
Worawat SuwanprasertDispute resolutionAssociate
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