Firm News

Sep 2018Weerawong C&P represented Dusit Overseas Company Limited (Hong Kong) in the acquisition of all shares in Elite Havens Group
Sep 2018Weerawong C&P advised dtac and its subsidiary dtac TriNet in relation to the Tower Dispute Settlement, Tower Service Agreement and Fiber and other Equipment Service Agreement with CAT Telecom
Sep 2018Weerawong C&P represented TICON and JustCo in its investment with JustCo (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. for the acquisition of all shares in two co-office space and co-working space companies
Sep 2018Weerawong C&P advised dtac in relation to the auction of the 1800 MHz spectrum license held by the NBTC
Jul 2018Weerawong C&P represented Thai Union in the acquisition of 25.1% shares in Thammachart Seafood Retail Co.
Jul 2018Weerawong C&P represented Thaioil Marine, a subsidiary of Thai Oil, in its acquisition of 45% shares in TOP Maritime Services
Jul 2018Weerawong C&P represented Citigroup Global Markets, Merrill Lynch and Standard Chartered Bank in relation to PTT Global Chemical’s innovative liability management transaction involving tender offer to purchase its outstanding USD 1 billion 4.25% Senior Unsecured Notes
May 2018Weerawong C&P represented Jasmine International in relation to the THB 8.5 billion facility granted by SCB
May 2018Weerawong C&P represented Dusit Thani in the acquisition of a stake in NR Instant Produce
May 2018Weerawong C&P represented TCC Assets in a joint investment with GMM Grammy
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